Hallo there Dearie! So very lovely of you to stop by. Shall I make us some hot tea? Did you per chance bring some cookie treats with you? Ooooh, do hope so!


Tell me, what do you think of my long, soft coat? My brilliantly tufted ears? The regal way I naturally carry myself? Can’t help it you know. We’re born this way. By the way, I’m Elvis, the top Angora Rabbit at Cherry Grove Fiber Farm. Thank goodness Sheri Lynne brushed me out properly before snapping this picture. One must never, EVER be seen in public without being properly fluffed!

The amazingly soft fiber you see is lovingly grown for you by yours truly and my friends; Presley, Zipper and Button. It is our mission to produce dazzling white coast just for your adornment.

We all hope you will take great pleasure in spinning or knitting our luxurious hair into fashionable clothing which adorns you beautifully while keeping you warm and cozy as a snug hug fromgood friends.

Hi. My name is Gidget, but everyone calls me “Miss Bossy Pants”. I really don’t get that, but what-e- v-e- r.


HEY! Do you have a cookie treat for me? No? Oh… That’s too bad. I really, really love cookie treats! You sure there’s nothing hiding in your pocket?

As the supervisor of Cherry Grove Fiber Farm, So, let me tell you about our very fine quality mohair wool. I grow it personally, along with Pricilla, the Princess, my paddock mate and #1 nuisance. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality mohair EVER by eating cookie treats, getting plenty of fresh air, and nibbling everything green to be sure our coasts grow lush and long.


Sheri Lynne washes and dries it in small batches by hand, then
spends hours spinning it by hand into the lovely fiber you are
holding in your hands right now.


So, I hope when you take a bundle home, you will think of me,
Priscilla and maybe even those snooty rabbits. And hey! Bring
COOKIES next time!


©2018 by Cherry Grove Fiber Farm, LLC.

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