Founder of Cherry Grove Fiber Farm

Sheri Lynne’s journey into community of fiber began the day she saw an Angora rabbit at a county fair and was instantly entranced.


No one knew that bringing home a rabbit named Elvis would lead to adopting 3 more; Presley, Zipper and Button, followed by two spunky English Angora goats, Gidget and Pricilla! 


Her Angora pets are an integral part of our family, bringing us much joy, entertainment and love. Sheri Lynne gently brushes her rabbits every week and uses their fiber to make the delicious batts you are looking at extra soft and fuzzy.

Gathering, washing, and drying these fibers is a delightfully soothing and comforting process for Sheri Lynne. She never tires of exploring new creative avenues and thoroughly enjoys coming up with new color and fiber combinations for your hand-crafted projects. We hope you will take great pleasure in spinning and knitting our luxurious fiber into fashionable items which adorn you beautifully and keep you warm and cozy as “snug as a hug” from good friends.

We love hearing how we’re doing and what you’ve fashioned with our soft, warm fiber. If you get a chance please, please, please email me at and share a picture of your creation with us.

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